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Our Company’s Main Goal is to Expand Our Country’s Foreign Trade Volume by Serving as a Bridge between Turkish Manufacturers / Sellers and Foreign Buyers.



The main goal of our company is to expand our country’s foreign trade volume. 

With its expert team, By Hill Trade has developed a structure that will respond to all kinds of supply, operation and marketing needs of its business partners.

We provide a complete service to our customers. When a buyer requests a product, we get in touch with the manufacturers in our portfolio and ensure that the product is delivered quickly. Since we have a wide network of manufacturers and suppliers, we can supply products from various industries quickly and reliably.

For the companies that aim to export, we provide communication services with overseas customers in our portfolio and also provide research services for new markets.


NOAH’S Furniture was established in 2019 on a 4500 square meter area in Izmir, Turkey. Despite its short history, it has become one of the prominent companies in the industry with its notable achievements both domestically and internationally.

Specializing in the production of modular, laminated/polished office furniture and decoration, NOAH’S Furniture designs ergonomic, high-quality, and stylish products with its R&D team. With a workforce of 65 experts, the company provides services to its domestic and international dealers with competitive prices, fast delivery, and a commitment to on-time delivery.

Furthermore, NOAH’S Furniture holds the TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) certification, service competency certificate, and ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification, ensuring the maintenance of high-quality standards.

Acting as the official export representative of Noah’s products, Byhilltrade provides services. Our company is ready to serve customers worldwide with its commitment to producing quality products, utilizing advanced technology, continuously improving efficiency through employee training, and maintaining a quality-oriented approach.


TTN Tateno is a prominent player in the industrial cutting and processing sector, specializing in carbide cutting tools. Established in the 1980s, the company initially focused on processing carbide special cutting tools after relocating its headquarters to Asaka, Saitama.

Expanding its capabilities in 1983 to include the processing of special holders, TTN Tateno further diversified its offerings in 1985 by venturing into the processing of no-joint centerless blades. Experiencing successful growth, the company increased its capital to 20,000,000 JPY in 1986, establishing a strong financial foundation.

In 1987, TTN Tateno expanded its product range by starting to process antifriction machining tools and further strengthened its financial position by raising its capital to 30,000,000 JPY in 1989.

Establishing the Kyushu branch and factory in 1990, the company solidified its presence in the region and changed its name to Tateno Co., Ltd. in the same year. Beginning the processing of carbide pin gauges in 1991, TTN Tateno continued its expansion by establishing its second factory in Kyushu in 1992.

Increasing its capital to 50,000,000 JPY in 2002, the company continued its growth trajectory by establishing its third factory in Kyushu in 2006. In 2009, TTN Tateno obtained ISO9001 certification, showcasing its competency in quality management, and adopted the TOMS (processing control system) to streamline operations.

Expanding its third factory in Kyushu in 2012 and venturing into the international market by establishing a Turkish office in Istanbul in 2013, TTN Tateno remains committed to steady growth and development.